New Home Construction in Northern VA

For Today & Tomorrow

We believe your custom home should reflect your lifestyle today and anticipate your lifestyle for tomorrow.  Abbey Design Center works with its clients to help them clarify their dreams and anticipate future needs so that the investment made in a custom home today will continue to benefit well into the future. We do this by looking at multiple angles:

  • We listen and understand to how you live, what inspires you and how long you plan to stay in your custom home.
  • We select the construction materials that have longevity, are energy efficient, and are the best materials given your budget.
  • We understand the property selected and how to best marry the land with the home so that curb appeal is maximized, outdoor living spaces are accommodated and views from windows are optimized.
  • And finally, we accommodate your budget and figure out the best way to incorporate your dreams and ideas into that budget.

Designed & Built to Last

As housing design, construction and finish materials improve, and the market itself ebbs and flows, certain design features and materials become popular and will remain. Others are an instant hit that fade overnight. For Example: Remember your mom’ harvest gold kitchen? Less than a decade later, gold was out and white was in. In the 1980’s, having a two car garage was all the rage. Families today have 3 and 4 cars. If you only have a 2 car garage who gets to use it?

Staying a breast of the ever changing products, building methods, building codes, and design trends is our passion. We believe that a home built today should be as energy efficient (Green) and universally designed as possible. With our vast years of experience, we will help you maximize the best of these products and methods, help you to avoid design problems that cannot be fixed and, if your really love Harvest Gold materials, work them in such away to make them easy to change when you fall in love with Avocado Green.

Although we design almost everything we build, we will also work with you and your architect to make sure that your custom home meets your needs today and tomorrow, your budget and your dreams.


Q: How much will it cost?

 A: It depends on the size, the materials and how difficult your lot is to develop. Our custom homes have ranged in price from $400,000 to over $3,000,000.

Q: How long will it take?

 A: This depends on the size, the materials, how difficult the lot is to develop, what time of year and the timeliness of your selections. Once the contract is signed, our average time to modify a plan to be ready to submit for building permit approval is 3 weeks provided all civil engineering is complete.

Q: What if the property has an existing house that needs to be removed?

A: We can handle all the paperwork, obtain the approvals and remove the existing home.

Q: We can’t find any home plans we really like. How can you come up with a plan we will like?

A: We have a number of In-House home plans that we created that often are a wonderful starting point to create the perfect new plan for you. As custom homebuilders, we expect unique requests and have the willingness and skill to meet even the most unusual requests.


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