Bamboo flooring may seem like an illusion at times. It’s actually a type of grass while having a similar look and feel to hardwood flooring. Bamboo grass can live on for years, made from one of the fastest growing plants in the world. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and durable flooring choice, look no further! Quality bamboo flooring is captivating, affordable, and magnificent – it’s even 160% more durable than oak hardwood floors, which are prone to nicks, scratches and water damage. If hardwood floors don’t fit your budget, just “shoot” for bamboo!

What are the benefits of bamboo flooring?

One of the main benefits of good bamboo flooring is its sturdiness and resists expanding and contracting from temperature changes. It installs just like hardwood and can be nailed, glued and set to your liking! Another wonderful benefit of bamboo is that, if properly cared for, it ages beautifully and lasts as long as traditional hardwood floors. Bamboo is a trendy flooring option that comes in many different varieties of styles as well as colors. Being a low maintenance flooring option, all it takes is mild soap and a mop to have your floors sparkling!

At Abbey Design Center, we can help you find the perfect quality bamboo flooring for your home! Make an appointment with us today and we’ll get started on a plan to install your new bamboo flooring in your home! We would love to be your resource for any type of home remodeling,  from Kitchens to Bathrooms and Basements. Abbey can handle it all with ease! We have two conveniently located showrooms where you can try before you buy! Our showrooms have beautiful displays that will show the many styles to choose from. Furthermore, our talented and experienced designers are available to help you with the decision process. We’ll be there from concept to completion.

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