Have you ever thought about adding an entertainment room to your home? The plush seating, big screens, deluxe sound systems all help provide the sense of escaping reality. No matter if the family is into watching movies or the children playing video games, a separate entertainment room offers fun and leisure for everyone. If you want to remodel an existing room or build a new one, a state-of-the-art home theater is one of the many basement design ideas Abbey Design Center can provide to give you the ultimate entertainment experience for family and friends.

Basement Design Ideas: Creating The Perfect Entertainment Room

Screening rooms do not have to look or feel like dark caves – you can design and outfit them as tastefully as any other room in your home. Oversized sectionals or double recliners with cup holders, a fireplace, cozy blankets and pillows, vintage movie poster art, and even lots of windows can all add up to a stylish place for settling in and watching the latest blockbuster. Here are some basement design ideas for creating the perfect entertainment room in your home.

1. Know What You Want

All good design has a focus to draw from. Ask yourself why you want to create a separate entertainment space and then design the room to reflect how it will be used most of the time. Is your family more into music than movies? You might want to invest more heavily in the sound system. Are they evenly split between film and sports fans? A second TV in the bar area would be a smart choice.


2. Choose the Right Components

Remember that bigger isn’t always better. The best choice in a screen is one that fits your room, not a technological behemoth. Today’s ultimate picture quality comes with 4K Ultra HD TVs that make viewing sporting events and even older DVS look as good as cable streams. The tech components you choose should have a good balance of function and form. Many of today’s omnidirectional sound systems are also beautiful to look at. Consider devices you can connect wirelessly or through Bluetooth so you can reposition them as needed.

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3. Soundproof the Room

Use sound-absorbing materials like acoustic paneling, deep-pile rugs, and heavy curtains. This way you can still get great rest if the kids are up late playing video games.


4. Pick Comfortable Seating

One of the nicest benefits of a home theater is you get to choose ultra-comfortable seating. You can choose different styles such as recliners and sectionals. Just make sure the positioning works for everyone’s viewing pleasure. The best furniture positioning is not always up against the walls or smack dab in the middle of the room. You need to take into consideration the size of the screen and the type of sound system you plan to use.

5. Use Your Imagination

What other elements do you want to include in the room? Do you want a pool table, a wet bar, a dance floor, a big board game table? And don’t forget about storage. If you still have DVD, CD, or even old vinyl collections, having proper storage creates convenience and looks nice. The same goes with games, magazines, and other entertainment paraphernalia. If the room will have windows, think about blackout curtains or shades. Many homeowners first think about decorating their entertainment rooms in the same style as the rest of the house, but a home theater can be the one room where you can really get creative! Many people choose themes based on films, movie stars, or film eras. Have some fun thinking about all the possibilities available.

Create Your Perfect Entertainment Room With Abbey Design Center!

At Abbey Design Center, our experience designing and outfitting home entertainment rooms has given us great insight into the most efficient process of building beautiful home theaters that the entire family can enjoy. If you’re ready to get started on your entertainment room addition, let us show you how easy it is to bring your vision to life. We’ll walk you through making the best decisions on space, budget, equipment, and more. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate your entertainment room with the rest of your home. Don’t hold off creating the entertainment room you’ve always wanted, schedule a conversation with us today! 

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