One of the concerns that some people fail to address when remodeling their basement is the basement lighting. Consider various lighting options when planning out your basement remodel! While there are a hefty amount of lighting options to consider, Abbey Design Center has provided you with the most common and crucial types of basement lighting. Keep these in mind as you transform your basement:

Three Important Types of Basement Lighting

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is also known as “general lighting”. Its purpose is to create an even level of lighting throughout the room. While different types of lighting may provide a spotlight on individual objects, ambient lighting makes sure your basement is beautiful and well-lit in every corner. This type of lighting is typically considered first if you plan on having layers of light within your basement.

Entertainment room with Ambient Lighting
Woman reading in bed with task lighting

Task Lighting

Task Lighting provides functional lighting in your space. A strong example could be illuminating the counter of a basement kitchenette so there’s no hindrance when preparing food. It’s also a good idea if you’re planning on remodeling your basement into a reading nook. Selecting the right table lamps allows for convenient lighting and lets your basement shine!

Accent Lighting

Also known as “highlighting”, accent lighting is softer than other types of lighting and focuses on drawing the eye toward specific objects in the room, like a bookcase, sculpture, or particular pieces of artwork. If your room is graced with multiple attention-grabbing objects – in a home office, for example – it can be best to consider where your accent lighting will go first.

modern living room with accent lighting in the wall

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Selecting the proper lighting can help your basement evoke the specific mood you desire. Better yet, Abbey Design Center is here to help! When you contact our expert team of designers, we’ll make sure your basement remodel provides convenience, class, and comfort for all! Remember to check out the Makeover Muse for more information on the latest interior trends and remodeling tips. We provide an array of new and exciting remodeling options as well, so make sure look through our remodeling services and discover the latest in Abbey Design Center’s repertoire!

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