Bathroom cabinet options will give you an organized and a beautiful bathroom! Abbey offers a wide variety of cabinet options that will help maximize your storage. Bathroom spaces can easily become messy with products, makeup, and various appliances. A good design means plenty of storage to hide all those things that clutter the space!


Bathroom Cabinet Options

One type of cabinet style is the furniture appeal. Cabinetry that resembles furniture, with legs and open shelves adds a unique touch to your bathroom. Repurposed hutches and vintage dressers can even be used as vanities to add beauty to your space. Since it’s a different take on bathroom cabinet options and it will add a sense of originality to your space!


Open shelving is a versatile as well as an aesthetically pleasing storage option for a bathroom. Shelves can be tucked into a variety of spaces, including above the shower head to keep towels, or underneath and to the sides of a vanity. Additionally, it’s a modern and minimalistic style that will mimic the look of an upscale hotel bathroom.


Rather than making a major change to your cabinets, medicine cabinets are easy to install. Most of all it will make the room more functional. The medicine cabinets that you’re used to may be more shallow and not have a lot of organization space. However, today’s options are deeper and include places to plug in appliances.


Finally, storage accessories such as pull-out drawer organizers, drawer dividers, and built-in laundry areas can help maximize the storage space in your bathroom. Once you have the proper cabinet options, you may want to further your organization abilities and these storage accessories are a perfect fit. As a result, you’ll have the dream bathroom you’ve been longing for!


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Abbey Design Center can help you with all of your bathroom storage needs. In addition to making your bathroom more functional, bathroom cabinets can also add more style. We carry a wide variety of cabinet selections and organizational tools that help you start each day prepared and ready to go! Come visit one of our two fantastic showrooms in Leesburg or Sterling, or schedule a conversation to talk with one of our expert designers.  You deserve the bathroom of your dreams, and Abbey Design Center delivers!

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