Bathroom sink styles are something you should consider when remodeling your bathroom. While flooring and shower designs are important, sinks can make a big difference to your space! There are a wide array of sink styles and the right one can take your bathroom to the next level.


First, you have to determine the style of your bathroom. Is it sleek and modern or more traditional? You also have to consider the amount of sink space available. There is no standard size for bathroom sinks. They vary in diameter and length depending on the shape, but nevertheless, most bathroom sinks are 5-8 inches deep. There are 6 popular sinks styles and mounting options.


6 Popular Bathroom Sink Styles

Self-rimming sinks are the easiest to install and can be fitted into an existing counter. A rim encircling the bowl sits on the countertop to support the sink’s weight. They are the most popular sinks style and they are also known as drop sinks.


Vessel sinks are bowl-shaped sinks that sit on top of a counter. They are a bold choice and comfortable because they are generally higher. Next, there are wall mounted sinks. They are perfect if your bathroom could use extra floor space. This sink is supported by the wall so there is no need for a countertop. It can also be installed at different heights and includes a shroud to hide any piping.


Pedestal sinks are stand-alone sinks that take up little space and are a great choice for small bathrooms where storage isn’t a priority. Like wall-mounted sinks, they are not installed into a vanity. Another style is the undermount sinks which are installed below a solid countertop. This style offers optimal space as well as cleaning convenience.


Finally, we have console sinks. This style is a cross between a wall-mounted sink and a pedestal sink. The exposed base offers a less bulky option for small spaces. It is installed on the wall as well as being equipped with 2-4 legs, acting both the basin and the counter.


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