Storage is always at a premium in any home, and nowhere is that truer than in the bathroom. All the little odds and ends you use every day, and seemingly nowhere to put it all. Makeup, hairbrushes, toilet paper, towels and washcloths, razors, and first aid supplies. The list goes on and on. No matter what size your bathroom, you can probably use a little more bathroom storage. If a bathroom remodel is in your future, it’s a great time to read about some of the latest innovative storage solutions. Here are 9 great tips on how to add extra storage space to your cramped bathroom!


Creative Ways to Add Space to Your Bathroom

There are many stylish ways to add storage and organize your bathroom without spending a fortune – and without needing a lot of floor space. Many of these organization solutions take little time to accomplish, and they’ll help you solve a multitude of storage issues, and help keep the bathroom clean and neat.

Basket Cases


Instead of shelves or drawers for towel storage, why not use a set of wire, fabric, or natural baskets instead? You can hang or store them on some ladder shelving. They’re also great for magazines, bath oils and salts, and all the products you use for an in-home spa day.

Unused Wall Space



Most bathrooms have a blank wall at the foot of the tub. Install shelves there that hold towels and other bath supplies, as well as decorative items. It makes a beautiful focal point for the room. Or try putting a shelf above the door frame.

Steal an Office Idea



Use stick up pen, business card, and office supplies holders on the inside of your cabinet’s door. They’re perfect for holding makeup, grooming supplies, and more.

Seeing Double



There is never enough room on the towel rack, and wall or door hooks don’t get the towels dry fast enough. Mount two towel racks on the back of the bathroom door. It’s an easy way to keep everyone’s towels separate and dry.

Fill in the Gap



Have a narrow gap between the sink or toilet and wall? A storage tower adds visual interest. Use vibrant towels in an otherwise neutral room to add a punch of texture and color.

Hang it Up



If the room has limited floor, cabinet, and or counter space hang your storage from the wall or ceiling. It looks great and adds coziness to a room that is often mega utilitarian.




Don’t limit your search to bathroom departments. Use a glass and chrome bar cart to store tall items that don’t fit on standard shelves. Or use it as a “salon cart” to store your nail polishes, pedicure, and other spa items. Get one with wheels and you can move it easily between the tub, sink, and seating.

Double-Duty Furniture



Upholstered and wooden benches are common in today’s bath. To increase its usefulness, choose one that has a hinged lid or shelving beneath it. Tidy and chic all at once!

Never Enough Shelving



Introduce shelving throughout the room. Above and below the sinks, in between vanities, recessed into an unused corner space, you can never have enough!

If your bathroom is short on space and you need some extra storage ideas to make it work, we hope these tips spark your imagination. Bathroom storage doesn’t have to be plain or ordinary! All these storage solutions will add character to your bathroom and make it a more enjoyable space to be in. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how just a few changes will help keep the bathroom clutter-free. If you’re ready to take it up a notch, continue on and read our top Bath Remodeling Tips!

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Guest Writer: Kyle Foley

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