Closet design styles vary from family member to family member. Each person will have different needs along with different items they need to store. Once you determine what those needs are, you will be able to accommodate for them.


Women’s Closet Design Styles

In a women’s closet, you may find accessories galore. This will require proper organization. It’s best to organize accessories so they are easy to find and within reach. For jewelry, consider jewelry drawers divided into compartments for rings, bracelets, and earrings. Next, to the drawer set, a tie rack can display long necklaces to keep them from tangling. Other drawer options to consider are for undergarments. Shallow drawers are the best storage solution for undergarments. Shelves with cubbies work perfectly for various shoes and handbags.


Men’s Closet Design Styles

A man’s closet is all about efficiency. Even though men typically don’t have nearly the same amount of accessories as women, tie, and belt racks make it easier for them to find the necessities on a busy work morning. Also, consider installing shoe shelves to keep your shoes off the floor. You can double the storage space by folding their pants over a hanger rather than hanging them at full length. Drawers with dividers are perfect for socks while hooks are great for storing sports caps.


Sharing a Closet

If you and your significant other must share a closet, we have closet design styles for you too! Optimizing the space in a shared closet not only helps keep it tidy but also helps keep the peace. A tall cabinet of drawers can provide storage while also serving as a divider between the two sides.


Kid’s Closet Design Styles

Since kids are always growing and their sizes are always changing, a flexible closet is the best option. Adjustable rods and poles allow for “closet evolution” as a baby becomes a toddler, then a young child and then even a teen! You can also install different colored bins to help your child visualize where to put what. This will ensure a clean and organized closet space.



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