Wake up to warm floors and wide grins with the best winter flooring options!

As winter nears and it gets colder, it becomes more and more important to keep your house warm and cozy. One of the best ways to ensure that your home stays warm and keeps the heat circulating is to have the appropriate winter flooring to keep both your family and home protected from the cold!


The weather during the colder months can be quite unpredictable; one moment it’s sunny, the next it’s raining or snowing! It’s very important to think of your flooring during this time and the wear and tear that it may endure throughout the fall and winter months. Boots and shoes can get covered with dirt, mud, and abrasive salt and chemicals used to clear and melt snow. These substances are detrimental to many types of flooring. They can scratch floors and cause stains that are difficult to clean up. Consequently, a good option might be to create an area in your house that traps the dirt and grime: a mudroom! Mudrooms make an amazing addition for winter storage and keeping your dream home beautiful!

Vinyl Flooring

One of the best winter flooring options for your home is vinyl! Vinyl flooring is great with foot traffic and it is hard, durable and water-resistant. Not to mention it has the luxury of looking like hardwood flooring and it’s very easy to clean! These newer vinyl floor options are great for all types of weather but are especially great for colder winter months due to their tough, durable nature that can handle extreme water and cold tracked into the house.

Radiant Heat Flooring

Another great suggestion for certain areas of your home includes adding the luxury of radiant heat flooring. Just like the name suggests, this flooring option radiates heat across the floor to make sure your feet stay warm and cozy! This flooring option makes it easy to step in and out of your shower without getting cold feet! No more tiptoeing across the cold tile with freezing feet! Radiant heat flooring is a luxury that you will never regret adding to your bathroom remodeling plans, especially on those cold winter mornings.

Abbey Design Center offers a wide selection of the highest quality flooring for every season, so you’ll never be without options. We have designers that can answer all of your questions and help you make the best decision for your home. Additionally, you can visit one of our two showrooms in Leesburg or Sterling to get a look and feel for every type of flooring; therefore, you’ll be 100% in charge and satisfied with your decision. Hurry in and make an appointment to see us today!

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