The Farmhouse Kitchen – a warm spacious style that’s perfect for big families!

A kitchen is a place where families can come together and share their passions, experiences, and lives with one another. At Abbey Design Center, we know that a kitchen is more than just another room in your home. We are determined to make sure you have the perfect dining area for your lifestyle and family. Though there are many different kitchen themes and styles, we’ll be taking a closer look at how to capture the warm and homey feel that a farmhouse kitchen provides.


What exactly is a farmhouse kitchen?

Farmhouse kitchens are a more modern take on a classic and simple lifestyle. Just as the name suggests, they are inspired by rural American farmhouses. This is apparent in the use of wood and old-fashioned appliances. A farmhouse kitchen brings simple elements together to give the room a vintage and time-worn feel that is designed to be spacious and efficient.


The elements to achieve a farmhouse kitchen:

As with any themed room, there are a few key features that are best to keep in mind to achieve the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams. Since this style is based on American farmhouses, they traditionally require a lot of wood furnishings. This includes wooden tables, chairs, cabinets, floors, and kitchen countertops. In more modern farmhouse kitchens, the countertops are made of soapstone or marble to create a strong aesthetic contrast. These countertop materials provide the same amount of protection, and at a lower price than some high-end woods.


The farmhouse theme is made to represent a home that is welcoming to all. Having a giant table within the kitchen is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere for your area. Traditional farmhouse kitchens will have a large wooden table while more modern ones have a large island surrounded by wooden stools. This easily allows for a more open room, friendly conversation, and generally feel more spacious.


Another key element that is necessary for the farmhouse style is an apron-front sink. Both sturdy and efficient, one of the original uses for these sinks was a way to bathe younger children. They are also much deeper than your traditional stainless steel undermount and over-mount sinks. With no cabinets or countertops to block a person’s movement, an apron-front sink brought convenience and comfort to anyone who was preparing meals or cleaning up afterward. Lastly, having vintage accents and white glass-front cabinets filled with mason jars or glass canisters gives the room elegance and a nostalgic feel.

Interior of a traditional farmhouse kitchen.
A pristine example of an apron-front sink.

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If your dream kitchen is one that is warm, homey, and simple, the farmhouse theme may be perfect for you. Abbey Design Center can work with you to make sure you get the perfect kitchen for your lifestyle.

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