New Faucet Designs, Including Hands free for Kitchens and Bathrooms!

Have you ever had dirty hands from cooking and had to use your elbow to turn on the kitchen faucet so that you don’t dirty up the handle?  Well, we have some good news for you: hands free faucets help avoid this problem!

There are two main models of hands free faucets that allow you to turn the water on without touching them.  These new faucets work by tapping your foot against a switch that is installed below the cabinets in order to turn the water on or off.  This allows the cook to move quickly throughout the kitchen without being worried about leaving the water on.  This will also reduce the possibility of bacteria from spreading around the kitchen.  The Lady Lux style is designed to fit any kitchen. The K7 model is designed for people who spend more of their time in the kitchen.


Waterfall Faucets

If you still want to control the faucet with a knob or handle there are also other new, beautiful, designs that are great for bathrooms and kitchens alike. One of the styles is called the waterfall faucet.  This sleek design is very popular.  It looks just like it sounds, water flows out of the top of the faucet, falls off a ledge and into your waiting hands.  It is a beautiful faucet, think how great it would look in your bathroom.

Another type of faucet that we have is the glass circle waterfall basin design.  This design is more of a contemporary style.  The water starts from the middle of a glass bowl then cascades down the front of it making it seem like a waterfall.  This type of faucet is perfect for a house that is looking to have a design that is modern and different.

Contact Abbey Design Center to hear more about new faucet designs and what they can do for you home. We will set you up with a designer to figure out which is the best match for your home!

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