The bathroom is one of the first places we go when we wake up in the morning. Unfortunately, leaving your warm, comfortable bed for cold, clammy feet in the bathroom is less than ideal. However, with the latest bathroom tile trends, you can keep your feet warm and cozy with every step! Heated bathroom floor tiles are becoming an extremely popular choice for bathrooms everywhere. Not only do they provide luxury to your home, but they also increase the value of your home!

How exactly do heated bathroom floor tiles work?

There are two options to choose from, either through a hydronic system or electric heating. Hydronic systems provide a set of tubes running underneath the tiles that pumps hot water throughout the floor to create warmth. In the long run, this can significantly reduce energy costs to your home having a heater right there! The electric heating puts a set of wires under the tiles to produce heat.

latest bathroom tile trends heated flooring concept

The bathroom is the perfect place for these floor tiles due to its amazing compatibility with linoleum, laminate, or tile flooring – all of which are available at Abbey Design Center for remodeling purposes. Depending on which brand of tiles you get, you can personalize their function to your exact liking. Have your bathroom toasty before you wake up or even keep your feet cozy during a shower!

Whether you’re looking to remodel your bathroom with the latest floor tiles or the latest décor trends, Abbey Design Center makes it their goal to give you exactly what you need from concept to completion to make your home as comfortable as you desire!



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