If asked to describe the perfect home design, how would you respond? As an interior design center, Abbey Design Center hears all different kinds of dream home ideas, terms, and designs from homeowners. Though each home design is different and unique, the one common trend we always see it come down to is that people want a home that their family will enjoy living in for years to come.


The “perfect” home, then, is made up of features that fit your family’s particular needs. What qualifies as a good home design hasn’t changed much over time. No matter where you build a custom home or how big or small a potential remodel, if you keep these 10 essential timeless elements in mind, your home will continue to deliver value and livability.

Good Northern Virginia Home Design…

  • Takes a cue from the family that will live in the finished home.

    • Your family’s lifestyle and how you plan to use the home defines your living experience. The size, shape, and where rooms are located in relation to each other all come together to create your perfect home.


  • Recognizes and adapts itself to its surrounding environment.

    • The climate, neighborhood culture, lot topography, solar access, and more all influence a home’s floor plan and orientation.
Excited Family Explore New Home On Moving Day
  • Reflects the local neighborhood’s character.

    • When your home complements (not copies) the homes around it, it helps build the community itself.


  • Makes efficient and responsible use of building materials.

    • A successful home design is one that uses the minimum materials required without compromising function or aesthetics.
  • Uses principles of scale, texture, and massing to create harmony.

  • Is authentic.

    • Not using fake columns, cheap roofing materials manipulated to look like wood shakes, and stucco desperately trying to look like stone all qualify as less-than-honest home design elements.


  • Embraces innovation but doesn’t lose sight of what has always been true.

    • There’s a reason most homes share so many common basics – they work!
  • Is intuitive

    • You know that feeling you get when you walk in the door and immediately feel at home? That’s intuitive design at its finest: less about art and more about livability and comfort.


  • Adapts to your family’s evolving needs and lifestyle changes.

    • It plans from the start for future demands or surprises. Multigenerational living and aging in place are two great examples of adaptable design.


  • Knows that quality wins every time.

    • Quality workmanship, design, materials, finishes, furnishings, and other details enrich your family’s life and ensure your home will last longer and be an asset to the community.

Perfect is Relative with a great interior design center

Every homeowner wants the nicest home on the block complete with perfect finishes, amazing natural light, the latest innovations, and more. With Abbey as your interior design center, we’re committed to the idea that a good home design means making sure each family we work with feels that way about their newly built or remodeled home when the job is completed.


No home is without small imperfections here and there, but that’s actually a good thing. Those quirks give your home its unique personality and keep it from being just another cookie-cutter design. If at the end of the day your home expresses who you are and meets your family’s needs, you’re going to love it. And that is the true definition of good design and the perfect home.


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