Interior Design Trends: Escapism

When Alice ventured down the rabbit hole she emerged isolated in her own abstract paradise, full of quirky creatures and bright vibrant colors. While the specific destination may vary from individual preference, the concept is something every person desires: escape. A vacation away from a busy life full of meetings, pressed suits, and the omnipresence of technology. Disconnecting and going off the grid is no longer an anxiety, but a luxury – and usually a pricey one at that. Abbey Design Center is here to tell you that you don’t need a summer home or an airplane ticket to get away from it all. While we can’t help you meet the Queen of Hearts, Abbey can help you discover one of the upcoming home interior design trends, designed to let you escape inside your home.

Create your own Wonderland

One of the upcoming home interior trends for 2017 is Escapism. The concept is a place where you can get away from everyday life and the electronics that consume it all. This is much more than a man cave; it’s a haven of sorts. A room that mimics a sanctuary, designed to look and feel isolated from the outside world. The assortment of home decor placed within can express this.

Relaxed furniture like Karastan® rugs or deep sofas are a good example of what to install in one of these personal nooks, or change the walls from plaster to wood paneling. Update your floors by adding some beautiful vinyl flooring, and line the walls with antique lights or cabinets; any objects that put your mind at ease as long as it’s not a flat screen. This isn’t a place to get work done or “veg out”. This a room where you can relax with a good book or pursue the hobbies you never thought you had the time for, or maybe gather the family around for a board game. Leave your smartphones and digital vices outside and step into a personal sanctuary. You can rejoin the world later. It understands.

Let Abbey Design Center help you find your own escape with interior remodeling today. Redesign your basement with a theme in mind, or make an appointment to discuss remodeling options and more! Call now to create your escape with Abbey Design Center.

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