Abbey Design Center celebrates NKM from April 26th through June 4th!

It’s that time of year again! Abbey Design Center is proud to celebrate National Karastan Month and allow our customers to save big with one of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious carpet and area rug brands. We are honored to be one of the few authorized Karastan carpet dealers here in Loudoun County and to provide this amazing spring sale to our customers.  As an authorized dealer, our customers are assured of a top quality installation of Karastan products and an intact valid warranty from Karastan.

Now through June 4th Abbey Design Center’s customers can save big on Karastan carpet products ranging from Kashmere to Silk, all stamped with the amazing Karastan quality and Abbey style!

Purchase select Karastan flooring styles and receive a rebate of up to $1000 back per household.


Which Karastan Carpet Is Right For Me?

With so many selections to choose from during National Karastan Month, there are a few things to consider before you decide on which one. Carpet does so much more than just cover your floors. It’s often the foundation to your home’s style. As you look at your options with Karastan carpet you’ll find many inspiring ideas. With so many selections how do you choose what’s right for your home?  Here are a couple things to consider when making your design selections:


1. Color

The color wheel is divided into two parts- cool tones and warm tones. Choose a color that reflects your personality and sets the mood. Typically, warm colors work really well in the main living areas, like your living room or dining room, because these colors are mood stimulators. Cool tones are calming and can help in spaces like the home office or bedrooms.


2. Texture

How your Karastan carpet feels underfoot is all dependent upon the texture. From combination styles that add durability to plush styles with a velvety feel, choosing the right texture for the right room that fits your lifestyle is very important. Karastan carpets come in a variety of textures to fit your needs.


3. Pattern

Choosing a patterned Karastan carpet can help you define the boundaries of a room or to reinforce the mood and character of your room’s design. You can also use the main color from the pattern to select your wall paint colors, too! For example, for a neutral wall paint color select one based on the neutral tones in your carpet.  When planning your “look”, it’s important to have a basic knowledge of how color, texture, and pattern can work. Although there are no absolute “rules” that govern these considerations, we can help narrow down your choices with practical design and decorating advice. Just click on one of the above tabs to learn more.

Let Abbey Design Center help you save!

With Abbey Design Center, you’ll receive the best advice from our team of expert designers. We’ll guarantee your satisfaction with all your Karastan carpeting needs as well as any other remodeling service you require to transform your house into your dream home! Not sure what makes Karastan carpets different than other brands? You’ll want to see and feel all the soft and luxurious Karastan styles in our Leesburg or Sterling showroom to experience the difference! So measure your rooms, start calculating the savings and live beautifully with Karastan!

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