Kitchen appliances that are built-in are the latest trend! They will enhance the function of the most popular room in your home. They will mirror the glamor of your overall kitchen aesthetic. It will make your appliances appear slim, crisp and unobtrusive.If your kitchen is missing something and you’re not sure what it is, adding built-in kitchen appliances will make all of the difference.

Types of Built-in Kitchen Appliances

Rather than having your refrigerator out in the open, build your cabinets around it. You can even install custom door panels that match your cabinets. Your fridge will then blend into your cabinets and it gives your entire kitchen a streamlined more modern look. This design not only cuts back on space but it gives your kitchen a cleaner look.

Rather than having a freestanding gas stove top, you can have a built-in electric stove top. It’s an even, flat surface that makes for easy cleaning! Electric stove tops are also slim and sleek which takes away from the bulk of a traditional stove top. If you’re tired of having that microwave oven sitting out on the countertop, you can build it into your cabinets. You can choose to have it installed into your upper cabinets or even into the lower cabinets of your island.

Built-in kitchen appliances are functional and tend to hide any unsightly features. With these appliances, you won’t have to sacrifice style. Almost any kitchen appliance can be built in. It’s a new era and it’s worth checking out this new trend!

At AbbeyDesign Center, we can ensure that you will have the very chic kitchen on the block. Give us a call today and we can take care of your kitchen remodel. We’ll make sure that all of your kitchen appliances are in the right place!

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