High-End Kitchen Countertops – What’s Your Preference?

The look and feel of stone is so popular, nearly all kitchen countertops we install are either natural stone granite or quartz composites. The natural stone, granite, continues to be the leader in countertop choices at Abbey Design Center, but quartz composites are becoming more popular than ever. Here are some reasons these two are the leading choices for countertops and the features that differentiate them.



Granite is igneous rock formed by the earth. Hundreds of granite color patterns reside in countries throughout the world. Due to supply in the country of origin and economic and political forces, certain types of granite become available and unavailable over time. Available types get transported as slabs for countertop use. Slabs will vary in size but are usually less than 10 feet long and 5-6 ft wide. The thickness can be ¾ inch or1 ¼ inch thick.

Because granite is natural stone, each slab is unique and will have different variations of the color pattern which makes them one of a kind – and beautiful! Most kitchens require a visible seam to install at some place in the countertop where two cuts meet. Additionally, rich, dark granite patterns can complement certain kitchen themes, like having a rustic kitchen. Granite stains and requires proper sealing for long wear. New sealer technology is especially effective and permanent so it does not need to be repeated. However, cracking or chipping can occur if there is trauma to the countertop, but it is not all that common.



Quartz products like Cambria, Silestone, and Caesarstone, are man-made composite products using natural quartz stone and resins. These products then form various colors and patterns. Some patterns will look very similar to stone and some will appear monochromatic and solid. Since these products are man made, monochromatic color options are available that are not found in granite, i.e., white, lime green, tangerine orange. These color and solid pattern options provide a more contemporary element to rooms, and offer a strong advantage over granite.

Fabricated slabs of quartz products come in similar sizes to granite slabs and are even heavier since quartz is denser. Although, there are seams in quartz counters as well, they can be better hidden to be virtually unnoticeable. Quartz has the advantage of being slightly more durable than granite. It’s also maintenance free, but can be susceptible to fading in bright sunlight.


Other Things to Consider…

Your budget and time window is definitely something to consider for a project like this as well. Granite prices can vary more widely and some color patterns in ready supply are substantially less expensive than any type of quartz surface. Also on granite’s side is the timeframe to fabricate and deliver a countertop. Available granite can be cut and finished to your specific specifications (fabricated) faster than quartz can be fabricated.

Either way you go, granite or quartz countertops can be unique and beautiful in your newly remodeled room! With a little help from Abbey Design Center, we can transform your kitchen countertops into something grand. Come in and see the hundreds of granite and quartz options we have for your new countertops and many other design applications.

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