If you live in a smaller home but want to expand your kitchen, you may not want to ruin it by knocking down all of the walls. However, tearing down the walls will make your kitchen expansion beautiful and functional. What your home currently lacks is floor space, storage space and of course kitchen space. With these steps, you’ll be able to maximize your space in no time!


Kitchen Expansion Ideas

First, you can consider combining three rooms into one. For instance, to enlarge a 10-by-14 foot kitchen, you can remove the dining room and living room walls. Doing so will triple your space! You can then add a structural post near the center room to make up for the new found lack of walls. To help define a work area in an open kitchen plan, you can construct a partial wall. You can also install an island as an option for a meal prep area.


With a large kitchen plan, you also have to install a lounging area. If you already have or decide to install a fireplace, for instance, that will designate the sitting area. Find what works for your home to signify your living area in your new, large open space. Another thing to consider is storage space. Adding more counter space with built-in storage will give you more storage than you’ve ever had before. Every inch of the countertops, including the island, can be fitted with base cabinets.


It’s true that every home comes with a kitchen, but many homeowners ask us to reconfigure the space and give them an up-to-date space ideal for family gatherings and friendly get-togethers. We love the challenge that comes with a kitchen expansion, and our design team will work with you to the discover the layout, fixtures, and furnishings that perfectly complement your family’s lifestyle. At Abbey, any idea you have can be brought to life!



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