Add a Dash of Beauty in Your Home with Kitchen Flowers!

It’s no secret that spring is the most welcome time of year at Abbey Design Center. The green grass, the tree buds; but mostly the color that was missing for so many winter months. And it doesn’t take much to draw our eye in a gray neutral winter. That tiny pop of purple is planted in our minds as just the beginning for what the season has in store, and we can bring that beautiful element into your home with kitchen flowers!


The reasoning behind kitchen flowers

Your kitchens and bathrooms can have that pop of hope too and you don’t have to remodel to get it! A few simple flowers can bring that freshness and life to your most visited rooms.  Most modern kitchens and bathrooms are designed in neutral shades of white, black and brown and all their respective combinations. Whether a beautiful new kitchen or bath or a not-so-beautiful older room, these hues can create a monochromatic ‘winter’ canvass that can be a little flat and dreary.  (If your kitchen or bathroom is avocado green or Pepto-bismol pink, abandon all hope here!)

If you’re not allergic to them, there is nothing better than a few fresh flowers that bring color, life and freshness to your space. Given that you’ve done your spring cleaning and your rooms are tidy, just a handful of posies from your backyard or the supermarket can make a world of difference in how you feel about your kitchen or bathroom.


How to test if your kitchen could use some color:

  1. Put everything on the countertops away.
  2. Clean all surfaces well (cabinets, floors, appliances, fixtures).
  3. For kitchens, take everything off your refrigerator door and above cabinets.
  4. Each week change your flowers to whatever is blooming at the time. Right now it’s tulips and viburnum, next week French lilacs and irises, then peonies, etc.


If, by mid June, you are not in love with your kitchen or bathroom again, and think remodeling may be a better background for your blooms and a just reward for your diligence, come see us in Leesburg or Sterling. We’d love to design a kitchen or bath for your home that makes you feel like the first day of spring again! Schedule an appointment with Abbey and get the best remodeling for your kitchen!

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