Kitchen Islands: A Different Kind of Paradise

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, kitchen islands are a great way to start. Kitchen islands make your kitchen look larger, efficient and professional. If you’re a cook, you will especially appreciate the extra space.

Model your kitchen island around the functionality you need in your kitchen. Additionally, your kitchen island can serve as a cooktop, additional food preparation area, dining area, breakfast bar, or an appliance island with an additional sink or oven. If you decide to get a kitchen island, pick a concept that will work for your kitchen and your needs.

Kitchen islands can be modeled to fit your needs. Figure out where in the kitchen do you spend the most time. Are you normally cooking, or rather doing dishes? What about eating or entertaining?

For The Chef:

If you’re a great cook, consider using your island as an additional food preparation station with an extra cooktop oven or sink. The extra space will allow you to prepare multiple meals at once to optimize your kitchen islands.

For The Dishwasher:

If you’re normally in the kitchen doing dishes, or have a large family, you might want the extra island space to do dishes. Consider adding an additional dishwasher, or even put your dishwasher there to have more space to entertain and cook.

For The Morning Person:

Breakfast bars have become very popular recently, as well as additional eating spaces. Turn your kitchen island into a breakfast bar by adding comfortable bar stools for entertainment or meals. Add a cooktop for omelettes and pancakes!

Kitchen islands are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility and ability to turn your kitchen into a functional space. Incorporate a kitchen island to transform your existing kitchen into a space for dining as well as entertaining guests.

Speak to a designer today about adding a kitchen island. If you don’t have the perfect idea for your kitchen island, Abbey has two showrooms in Leesburg and Sterling that lets you look at the quality of our work as well as help you get a clear picture of what you’re looking for! Let Abbey Design Center be your kitchen island destination!

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