Sometimes projects are best left to the professionals. A family in desperate need of a  home renovation recently contacted Abbey Design Center for an expertly executed kitchen remodel.


DIY Kitchen Remodel Gone Wrong – Abbey to the Rescue!

The family tried the “DIY” option first, but quickly realized that their situation required an experienced and professional touch. Then, they made a call to Abbey.

Kitchen Remodel: Building their dream

The first step in their kitchen remodel was to establish what their dream kitchen would look like. The clients dreamed of transforming their small kitchen into a big, open space. They wanted a dining area that flowed into the living room. The family envisioned a modern kitchen with classic colors. The Abbey team worked with them to create a beautiful plan for their kitchen. Once they finished the design, the Abbey team began the kitchen remodel with the expertise to accomplish the clients’ goals.

Classic coloring meets modern functionality in kitchen remodel


First, the team started their kitchen remodel by ensuring that the client’s new kitchen captured their desired concept. The kitchen had to double as a dining room and a place to prepare food. To do so, they tore down the walls between the kitchen, living room and dining room to create an open concept kitchen. Then, they demolished the closed doorway in the back of the room to complete the open floor plan. Next, the Abbey team selected a new window frame to complement their open kitchen and rearranged electrical and plumbing.

Updated kitchen cabinets and appliances


After that, Abbey replaced the simple oak cabinetry with rich, espresso-colored cabinets to complement their new modern quartz countertops. These upgrades matched their dream of a classic color scheme. Then, they built a large kitchen island, complete with its own cabinetry and built-in microwave drawer. Recessed lighting and modern pendant lights were added above the kitchen island, creating a functional and bright kitchen space. Finally, the Abbey team replaced their old, white appliances with modern, stainless-steel appliances.

Open concept kitchen by Abbey Design Center

The Final Kitchen Remodel Result

When the renovations were completed, the homeowners were amazed at their kitchen’s transformation. The result was beyond their expectations. Abbey’s team of expert designers successfully combined the flow of three rooms into one beautiful kitchen, giving the family the open concept home they had dreamed of. They used their assets in careful planning, attention to detail, and closely working with clients to meet their needs. The Abbey Design Center mixed the perfect ingredients to create a winning kitchen remodel recipe.

Today, Abbey Design Center exceeds customer expectations by going above and beyond to ensure each homeowner’s satisfaction with their home renovations. This year, to show their appreciation for the community and their customers, Abbey Design Center will be giving away remodeling services and products. Instead of risking a DIY disaster, check out Abbey Design Center for any future kitchen, bath, flooring or other home renovation projects.


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