Marble accents will add pure elegance to your home.

The Ancient Greeks used marble to create some of the most glorious architecture in the world, unparalleled in magnificence and design. With Abbey Design Center, you can bring the beauty of marble accents into your own home!

Marble accents and marble flooring are both great ways to brighten up a room. With marble, a little goes a long way. You can start by replacing your countertops with sophisticated slabs of marble. Marble flooring also provides a perfectly smooth and elegant look and it’s easy to clean.

With marble’s striking grain patterns and creamy colors, it’s one of the most recognizable and natural building materials. Additionally, marble flooring comes in tiles of various shapes, from large rectangles to smaller mosaics. Abbey’s skilled professional installers ensure a flawless finish product, no matter the project. Check out our Kitchen Gallery for some ideas on beautiful remodel ideas that include marble for your countertops.

Types of marble

Common types of marble floors include breccia, carrara, calacatta, polished and honed. Breccia features striking grain and swirl patterns that resemble bubbles trapped in rock. Carrara is the classic marble associated with Roman and Greek temples and statues. Then there’s calacatta which is often confused with carrara. Polished and honed are the two basic finishes when considering marble flooring. Polished is finished to a high sheen that shows off the beautiful grain of the stone. Honed is polished but to a much lesser degree.

Since marble is a natural stone, it has a porous surface. Make sure to refinish your marble accents every 6 to 12 months with a quality stone sealer to keep it looking beautiful. Keep in mind that since marble is a softer stone, it’s prone to damage. High heels and dog claws may add unwanted maintenance to your floors.

If you are looking to add marble flooring or marble accents into your home, contact us at Abbey Design Center. We can help develop, create and craft the right marble masterpiece for you today, as well as offer a grander example through our showrooms in Leesburg and Sterling!

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