While a vintage or timeworn feel appeals to certain homeowners, some prefer a more up-to-date look for their kitchen. Abbey Design Center has the tools and talent to upgrade your outdated theme into a fashionable modern remodel! The modern kitchen revolves around a clean, sleek design with trendy applications, frameless cabinets, and bold monochromatic backsplashes. While there’s no everlasting definition of a “modern” theme – what’s modern is changing day by day! – we can guide you through today’s elements and supply you with the best tips on how to give your kitchen a modern feel.


Today’s modern kitchen design requires everything to be clean-cut and organized. Most modern kitchens tend to have very little decorations in order to keep a minimalistic approach within the living area. While it may not be noticeable at first, horizontal lines play a major theme in modern kitchens and remain prevalent in every remodel. Another element has to do with the cabinetry selected; the use of flat-panelling door style, also known as slab-door style, is very abundant. These doors are known for their sleek and flat faces rather than traditional ones which are raised or contoured.

modern kitchen lighting

Color and Lighting:

Appliances in modern kitchens tend to be stainless steel to contrast the natural wood colors of the cabinetry. For the most part, modern kitchens keep neutral tones such as light finished wood, white or black glass countertops, and a pop of color usually provided by a kitchen backsplash or dining room furniture. To emphasize the simplicity and elegance of this kitchen theme, pendant lighting is the best option. Also known as a drop or suspender, hangs from the ceiling by a cord, chain, or metal rod. These fixtures come in all shapes, sizes, and colors making them the perfect cherry on top to give your kitchen a modern feel with a personal touch.

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If a modern kitchen design sounds like the perfect remodel, let Abbey Design Center bring it to life! With any design style, we will walk you through the remodeling process to help you pick out the kitchen theme most suitable for you and your family!

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