Here are some old styles that mean it’s time for you to update!

Is it time for a change? Remember your grandparents’ colorful kitchen decor. Old styles used to be in, but the times are always changing and so are the styles. It’s out with the old and in with the new. Don’t get stuck in the past.

Rustic is out and modern is in. Wood paneling is being replaced by sleek, modern styles such as whites and grays. Ceiling fans are being updated to chrome, matte colors. Cabinets are being refurbished from darkened wood to painted white.


1970s kitchen

Older homes tend to have smaller kitchens with dark wood cabinets and Formica countertops that have seen their fair share of meals. Usually, the kitchen shape doesn’t work for the functionality of the home and looks outdated. Flooring in a 1970s style kitchen is normally a deep yellow or brown, which looks stained.


1980s kitchen

The 1980s kitchens got brighter and chicer with cooking shows becoming the new trend on television, homes upgraded their appliances and brightened up their kitchens with light colored cabinets. During this time the trend of larger countertop space for food preparation erupted within the home. The 1980s is also notorious for everything being in color, so kitchens often reflected this with pinks, purples, yellows, and blues gracing the kitchen one way or another.


1990s kitchen

The 90’s was the beginning of the granite countertop trend. Homes became bigger and so did the kitchens. Decorative lamps and suspended bar-like lights became the focus for lighting. Cabinets went back to the wooden style, but a much lighter wood this time. Colors also calmed down to neutrals such as light browns, whites, and grays. Gone are the crazy colors of the 1980s.

Today’s Kitchens:


Today, kitchens are twice the size of what they were in the 1920s. The kitchen has become the heart of the home–a space to not only dine but to relax and entertain guests. Kitchens have incorporated eating spaces with kitchen islands and dining areas with the open concept style. Styles are much more modern with neutral colors, and appliances have become the real focal point, the bigger the better! Call Abbey today to get your kitchen remodel underway.

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