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Flooring Options – Guaranteed to Knock Your Socks Off!

You’d be surprised how often the flooring of a room brings together the entire theme and atmosphere of your surroundings. With the right hardwood floors, you bring a sense of modern enchantment to your home, or install grand stone tiles and live like royalty. Maybe you want to leave your bed in the mornings and be greeted by the soft, gentle warmth carpeting can provide. Whatever your desire, Abbey Design Center can go above your expectations and beyond your satisfaction!

There’s a lot of things to consider when choosing the right floors for you: look, feel, style, design, even temperature. Luckily, Abbey’s created its own grading system based on what thoughts frequent a client’s mind the most. We present to you our CHARM factor!

Abbey’s CHARM Factor:

  • Care: How do you take care of certain flooring? With each flooring option Abbey provides, we’ll go over the standard procedure how to keep your floors looking fine.
  • Hearth: The look and feel of your floors. Does laminate flooring appeal to you, or cork planks? Every style has its own unique properties, and we’ll cover what we can and how each floor complements the room in what way.
  • Affordability: Does what you’re looking for fit your budget or break the bank? Abbey can advise you on which floors are generally the cheaper options, as well as which floors have been known to cost a prettier penny.
  • Repair: This covers spills, scratches, but also more severe damage. What should you if one of your stone tiles chips away? What if a wooden plank splinters? Fear not, for Abbey can direct you toward the right course of action!
  • More information: Anything that hasn’t been covered by our previous topics will be mentioned here, alongside interesting tidbits about each type of flooring.

With Abbey’s CHARM, you’ll be able to navigate your way through the types of flooring below and find the style that’s right for you in both function and form. If you can’t figure out what you prefer, you can schedule an appointment with one of our expert designers. We’ll make sure your new floors are as close to perfect as they possibly can be!

Your Dream Flooring


When selecting new flooring, one of the most important aspects to consider is functionality. The traditional way of thinking either just hardwood or carpet is gone. There are so many different options available that can fit the needs of a family with kids, a pet owner, or a homeowner that wants a higher end look on a budget

If you need floors for an area that has a lot of foot traffic, then something like carpet that will require a good deal of maintenance might not be the best choice.

For people with knee issues or people who are a bit older, then something a little softer like cork might make it a little easier to move around on.

Style and Finish

We can help you choose a style of flooring that matches the rest of the design of your home and fits your personal style, too. Whether you’re a modern guy, or an eclectic type of gal, there’s a flooring option out there for everyone, and we’ll find the perfect one for you.

After we’ve seen your home and gotten a sense of your style, we’ll show you some different flooring samples that you’ll love (hopefully!). Then, we’ll pick out your ideal floors.

Services I am interested in (check all that apply):

The Abbey Design Process


    First, let’s meet and talk about what you have in mind. Do you need flooring for just the kitchen, the master bathroom, or the entire house? Call or e-mail us and we will set up a time to come to your home and take measurements and photos. This will help us to understand the full scope of your project! We offer a FREE consultation, which gives us the opportunity to learn even more about your ideal flooring options!


    After your first consultation, we will be able to provide you with an estimate for your new floors based on your initial requests. You can’t find a better price with the quality and dedication of the Abbey team!

  3. DESIGN:

    Once we have agreed on a budget, we will then begin the design process. Abbey Design Center will collect a design fee for design work, but this fee is credited back to you at contract initiation. While we’re designing the layout, we’re also helping you select all the products and finishes for your complete flooring remodel. Once we’ve put everything together, you will have a contract ready detailing the complete project for your approval!


    Once you have approved the plan, we will start ordering the flooring we’ve selected. We’ll procure any necessary permits and begin to choose and schedule the tradesman for your project. We’ll keep you updated on the arrival of the flooring and let you know the starting date of your renovation so that you have time to temporarily empty the space. We will introduce our installers to you so that you can discuss the necessary details of your home operations and other important information they will need to know before beginning (i.e., don’t let the cat out).


    The day you have waited for has finally arrived! – Oh, wait, that’s the completion date. The amount of time it will take to complete the installation varies depending on the type of flooring, any damage to the subfloor, the amount of flooring being installed, and other factors. Rest assured that we will try our best to keep all disruption to a minimum. You will find Abbey’s craftsmen to be conscientious, personable, and respectful of your home and time. Your tradesman will be hard at work crafting your flooring according to your design plan. You can expect daily clean ups and/or cover ups to help protect your home. We’ll do a walk through with you several times to make sure everything on the punch list has been completed to your satisfaction!


    After we have checked the last item off the punch list and have confirmed that you are satisfied, Abbey Design Center certainly permits victory dances on your brand-new floors! We hope we exceeded your expectations and you’re in love with your flooring, but don’t keep it all to yourself. Please take a couple of pictures of your dazzling new flooring and share it with us on Facebook! We always appreciate our satisfied customers sharing photos of their new flooring on social media!

Cork & Bamboo Flooring: The Abbey CHARM

If you’re looking for something besides traditional flooring options such as carpet and hardwood, you’ve come to the right place! Abbey carries cork and bamboo flooring options that are stunning in both look and feel. They’ve also started to become increasingly popular because of their comfort and the fact that they’re environmentally friendly. Could one of these options give your house the CHARM you’ve been looking for?

Carpet Flooring: The Abbey CHARM

Carpet trends may come and go, but the idea of carpet flooring has proven to be quite timeless. This classic style provides the least costly plan of any flooring option, and Abbey Design Center offers a myriad of patterns, colors, and textures to choose from! But before you go on an eye-shopping spree and browse the various styles and sizes of carpeting, see if carpet flooring provides the right CHARM in your home:

Hardwood Flooring: The Abbey CHARM

If you’ve decided that hardwood flooring is the style for you, that’s great! Trees are like snowflakes, in the sense that no two are truly identical. So, you’ll receive the pleasure of knowing that nobody else has the exact same floor design as yours! However, there’s more to consider than just picking out a type of wood. With Abbey’s informational guide, you can figure out if hardwood flooring provides the right kind of CHARM in your home:

Laminate Flooring: The Abbey CHARM

Laminate flooring might have a reputation for providing that plain white layout through office buildings, but you’re going to be in for a shock when you see all the different options available for laminates today. This style is beautiful and cost-friendly, and with Abbey Design Center we can find out if laminate flooring provides the right CHARM to your home:

Natural Stone Flooring: The Abbey CHARM

It might be a little pricier than some other flooring options, but the result is amazing. There is a wide variety of types of stone to choose from, and since they’re all natural, your design will be unique no matter what type of stone you go with! Nevertheless, keep in mind the type of CHARM that stone flooring brings to your home:

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