Spring Cleaning for Northern Virginia

Spring has been an aloof guest again here in Northern Virginia. Each time we opened the door to check on its arrival, we were greeted with a mélange of snow, rain, sleet and heavy winds with nary a speck of sunshine. This kept most of us hidden indoors for weeks beyond our liking, but some adventurous types just can’t be contained. They’re out there anyway — planting peas, pruning trees, running races, mountain biking and generally trying to enjoy nature. Loudoun County has much to offer for outdoor activities, but bringing the great outdoors inside during springtime can also bring unwelcome dirt and mud in our homes. Now is the time to act; now is the time for Spring cleaning!


Spring cleaning has been a ritual for many cultures dating back centuries, especially those with colder climates transitioning to warm days of Spring. We certainly qualify this year! It is the time to see our homes in the sunlight and scrub the winter’s dirt away for a fresh start. According to a recent Leesburg Today poll, 10% of readers said Spring Cleaning was their favorite thing about Spring! Our vote is for flower blooms, yet we’re still waiting on those. So while we’re waiting, we’ll start on our Spring Cleaning.


Tips & Tricks for a Proper Cleaning

There are many tips out there on how to do an efficient Spring cleaning job. To feel like you’ve accomplished a true Spring Cleaning, you’ll want to tackle window cleaning, kitchen and bathroom cabinet cleaning and floor cleaning. We suggest enrolling your spouse and children for all of these cleaning adventures as a family bonding experience. Everyone makes the dirt, so everyone should help with the cleaning, right? And even Abbey Design Center might play a small role in your Spring Cleaning this year. As flooring specialists for more than 25 years, we know keeping carpets clean can be a challenge. For this reason, we give a gift of Abbey Design Center Spot Cleaner to every flooring customer when we come to install new flooring. You can use it on your carpets or upholstery any time of year. But we suspect you may need it most, right now. Happy Spring!

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