“Your Future Looks Bright!” – Developing the Perfect Sunroom

Updated July 2, 2018- A lot of home builders in the Northern Virginia area usually recommend a solarium or sunroom as an interior feature for those building a new nest. Despite the room’s name, a four-season sunroom provides benefits all year round! Sunrooms offer a wonderful amount of light during the winter season, which offsets several symptoms of SAD, or the “winter blues”. The natural light provided makes for a brilliant reading nook, a home office, or just your morning quiet space to enjoy that first cup of coffee. Abbey Design Center can provide the tools and experience necessary for you to get the best possible sunroom, but there are a few things to keep in mind when considering this remodeling project…

Things to Consider:


Positioning your new sunroom is key. It’s obvious that you’ll want a location which gets the most sun and beauty throughout the day, but sometimes people forget to take privacy into account. It is important to preserve your privacy in order to enhance serenity. You might have the most amazing sunroom with natural light flooding in from all angles, but it might be uncomfortable if your neighbor can see everything you do! Make sure to select a position that has a happy medium of light, as well as a secluded area that you can be at peace with no one watching. Looking out into the wilderness or back yard is a view we recommend. You’ll also want a location that receives at least four hours of direct sunlight in the winter in order to preserve the warm air in your house.

modern solarium with hardwood flooring and floor to ceiling windows
traditional sunroom decorated with a persian rug and classic chandelier


The materials you choose can make or break or bank in the long run. Your sunroom consists of a large of amount of windows for natural light, so the sections of the walls must be insulated well. In addition, the types of windows you choose are essential to keeping the warm in and the cool out throughout the changing seasons. Selecting windows that are Energy Star-qualified provide you with a comfortable space even if the room is entirely glass! Choosing the right windows is crucial for year round use, so remember to choose quality over quickness for your sunroom remodel.

As with any addition, you’ll want it to match the architecture of your home. Abbey Design Center remodels with perfection, and our team of expert designers can recreate any theme or style you desire. We’ve got an impressive selection of window frames, flooring options, and wall options to suit all of your needs.

Lowering the Cost

An addition to your house always requires more than you initially think. Grading the area of the extension is something generally overlooked by homeowners and can add quite a bit of cost to any project. Renovating an existing outdoor patio into a sunroom instead of creating one from scratch speeds up the construction process while reducing the cost of the project. A lot of times the old patio can serve as a base for the foundation to sit on.

vaulted ceiling sunroom with ceiling fan and wood paneled ceiling

Bathe In Sunlight When You #RemodelWithAbbey

If you want more guidance on creating the perfect sunroom, Abbey Design Center is here to help! We’ll walk you through the remodeling process and help you select the perfect design for you and your family. Our services and expertise will brighten up your day – and many more to come! – so visit one of our two showrooms in Sterling and Leesburg or schedule a conversation with us today!

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