Choosing the best tile backsplash for your kitchen:

A backsplash is the section of wall behind a kitchen sink or kitchen counter. They help protect your walls from grease stains and cooking oil, and also look fabulous doing so! A tile backsplash adds just the right amount of style to a kitchen. Your kitchen’s tile backsplash acts as a focal point in the room, catching the attention of any guest. Most people tend to lean towards tile as the material for backslashes. It’s easily adapted for different styles, fits most budgets, and also offers a wider range materials to use. Nevertheless, you may be wondering what sort of tiles are in, or which are the best fit for your home. So without further ado, Abbey Design Center presents some of the best and most popular types of tile backsplashes available!

Tile Backsplash Options:

 Laser-cut tile backsplash

These clean-cut tiles are both elegant and made with precious materials. These tiles form intricate patterns and shapes, resulting in a visually stunning puzzle. Laser-cut tiles can be one of the more unique designs to choose from, in addition to showcasing your own creativity and preference. Nevertheless, their price reflects their intricacy, especially when made with materials such as gold or silver-backed glass.

HerringboneNatural Yellow Limestone Brick Floor With Herringbone Pattern

This type of backsplash zigzags into a beautiful pattern, adding lots of texture while keeping installation simple. Herringbone transforms the perception of any space to make it look larger than it actually is. Perfect if you want to give your kitchen that regal finishing touch!

Diagonal tile backsplashDiagonal Tile Backsplash

Take a checkerboard pattern and turn it on its side! Diagonal tile backsplashes add subtle dimension and interest to the design of the room. A bit more work is required due to the additional cuts on the top and bottom, as well as the 10% extra material needed to make it work. Although the cost may be higher than other tile options, the results are stunning, and makes the investment well worth it!

Custom mosaic tile backsplashmosaic tile backsplash

Do you feel like the designs in the books you’ve been looking through aren’t the right fit for your kitchen? Or you do you just want something that no one else has? Consider custom mosaic tiles to add some artwork to your kitchen. You can have an artist, designer or anyone you wish draw up the design. Then, watch your masterpiece come to life!

How Abbey can help you:

At Abbey Design Center, we make the process of choosing the right tile backsplash for your kitchen easy for you! We can have your kitchen looking stylish and modern with the tile backsplash of your dreams in no time. Make an appointment with us today and get started on your new tile backsplash for your kitchen!

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