At Abbey Design Center, we work our hardest to ensure you are absolutely in love with your kitchen space! The kitchen is a very popular spot in the house where most families spend a significant amount of time. Therefore, it’s important to have both a beautiful and functional kitchen. The transitional kitchen is a common kitchen theme that’s becoming more popular as trends go on. It’s a style to be considered for your own home and Abbey Design Center can help with the process!

How To Achieve A Transitional Kitchen Theme

The Look and Feel

As the name suggests, this kitchen theme revolves around a traditional look that’s “transitioning” into a smooth contemporary theme – it’s not quite one or the other, but a beautiful mix of the two styles! It captures that sweet spot between warm traditional charm and a clean-cut contemporary look. With the two styles combined, this unique kitchen theme creates a sense of balance and peace. A transitional kitchen allows for flexibility so you can acquire the best of both worlds, as well as keep some design elements that are your personal favorite.

The Guidelines

Keep it neutral. The neutral colors keep the feel of the house clean and monochromatic. Streamlined cabinetry is crucial. The simple paneled doors and sleek hardware help too, as they pull together the whole kitchen. Natural surfaces such as granite, limestone, and even marble are perfect for this kitchen style as they fit both aforementioned styles. It’s very important to keep accents simple too! Minimalistic accessories help keep it less cluttered and bring out that contemporary look.

The easiest way to think about the transitional style is combining old and new designs. Homeowners aren’t confined to one style and in fact, choosing which old styles they want to combine with the contemporary features is the beauty of the transitional kitchen!

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