Vessel Sinks: Pros & Cons

Vessel sinks are becoming even more popular these days. They are great ways to add style to your bathroom but they are not for everyone. Read the pros and cons list to find out why.


1) Vessel sinks have the ability to completely hide the sink. Most think of a vessel sink as a way to accent the sink itself, but if you use a glass vessel sink that is wall mounted, it lets you draw attention to other parts of the bathroom. 

2) Vessel sinks have so many different styles. There are limitless amounts of colors, textures, and materials that you can use for a vessel sink as opposed to a regular sink. Vessel sinks allow you play with and integrate more modern designs into your bathroom remodeling project. They can become the signature piece in your bathroom and can really make a powder room look sleek and elegant. 


1) They require more cleaning. They have more of an exposed area that must be kept clean and fresh. This is especially true when dealing with a glass vessel sink so keep that in mind when looking at materials. 

2) Splashing. To add to the cleaning issue, these sinks are more likely to have splashing occur out of the sink. However, there are ways to help prevent this. Be sure to talk to your designer about fitting the right faucet correctly with the vessel sink. 

Abbey can Help!

Our designers at Abbey Design Center can help you make the right choice for your home.  We can help you select the best materials and make your bathroom beautiful and functional and help you make the best selections for your lifestyle and tastes.  From concept to completion we will be there for you every step of the way!

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