Vinyl Flooring is in and it’s Time For a Remodel!

Vinyl flooring is what you’ve been dreaming of and looking for. It’s the allure and style of hardwood flooring without all the maintenance!


Hardwood flooring is notorious for scratching and staining. If you have any children and/or pets, you know this all too well.


Additionally, many people like to cover their floors in a carpet or two in their living and dining areas to make it cozier, especially during the winter months. Areas where the sun touches the hardwood can lighten the wood so the colors on the floor are uneven. This makes re-flooring absolutely essential when selling your home.


You won’t have to worry about these problems ever again with vinyl flooring!


If you have kids and/or pets, this is the flooring you’ve been looking for. Vinyl flooring seems to be everything-proof, from preventing stains, scratches and even water damage! Most showrooms have their vinyl flooring samples submerged in water to show how much damage you can do to your flooring without actually damaging your floors.


Vinyl flooring also looks elegant like hardwood flooring and comes in many different shades and colors as well. The new plank style flooring is especially trendy, taking the place of the small planks of hardwood flooring in a light color, which many homeowners currently have in their homes but has since gone out of style.


Additionally, vinyl flooring is much softer on your feet than hardwood flooring. It has a smoother texture than traditional wood and also has a shorter installation period than hardwood. Hardwood needs to be sealed and the sealant can take one-two weeks to set, keeping you out of your home longer.


It’s time to update your flooring to something in style, modern, cost effective and maintenance-free. What’re you waiting for? Make an appointment with Abbey Design Center designer today!

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