Whole Home Remodeling Timeline: How Long Will Yours Take?


A whole home remodel can often feel like driving your car on a crowded highway – there are times of movement followed by periods of idling, waiting for the pace to pick up again. The design and materials selection phase is a busy one, but obtaining permits and setting a construction schedule is a much slower process. Then comes the busy period of demolition followed by electrical and plumbing work that’s largely out of view. At Abbey Design Center, each whole home, bathroom, basement, or kitchen remodeling project we do is unique, and once our design team has a clear idea of your vision and budget, we can confidently give you an estimated completion date.


We know it can be frustrating to go through the lulls – most homeowners need to see things progressing to believe there’s an end in sight. Rest assured, your team is doing everything it can to make sure your whole home remodel stays on schedule and budget.

Remodeling Timeline

Knowing what to expect can be half the battle in navigating your whole home remodel. Keep in mind that typically, the construction phase takes up only about a third of the time needed to complete the remodel. The time your own remodel will take is contingent on several factors, including:


  • The type of remodel
  • The scope of the project
  • How long the design process takes


Does your project include an addition? Will you be tearing down walls and replacing all the electrical? It isn’t the square footage of your house that defines how long the job will take. Moreso, it is the layout and changes you’ll be making. For example, if sinks, toilets, and major appliances aren’t being moved, that can mean a shorter schedule than if you’re changing the entire footprint of the kitchen or bathrooms.


For remodels that involve structural changes and altered layouts, the design and construction phases can last longer. If the work requires permits, as most whole home remodels do, that can add weeks to the process as well. The good news is that when you choose a design-build firm to do your whole home remodel, the process will be faster than if you use the design-big-build model. Because the work is done in-house, complete designs can be finished in weeks instead of months!


That said, our experience – and our proven process – has given us a pretty good idea of how long certain projects or phases take. Once we have your design in place, we can give you an accurate timeline.

 The Construction Schedule

The average whole home remodel takes between four to eight months. Obviously, some will take less or more time. When the work begins will depend on the schedules of both you and your contractor. Remodeling is never an exact science, and any number of circumstances can have an impact on your project. That’s why it’s so important to work with a design-build firm that does all the necessary up-front work, like having a set schedule and all materials on site beforehand, both of which help avoid delays and surprises while the job is in progress.


Here at Abbey Design Center, we provide you with a detailed whole home remodeling timeline for both the design and construction phases, and we refine it as necessary as your project progresses. Everything we do schedule-wise is focused on keeping things moving forward in a timely fashion.


To learn more about our remodeling timeline, scheduling process, and how we ensure you get the home you want, when you want it, schedule a conversation with us today. We look forward to meeting you!


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